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Website Services

Jasnel provides creative solutions for the internet;

  • Construction of engaging functional web sites using WordPress.
  • Online newsletter programmes using MailChimp.
  • Explainer diagrams and videos. 
  • Online face to face video Meeting Spots like the one on this site. Powered by Consolto.

You can find out more about Jasnel at the bottom of this page.

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Web Sites

The foundation stone of an online presence is a web site where you can provide in depth information about your business, organisation or personal project.

WordPress which is used in this site, and 37% of all web sites, is an open source platform. From almost every country in the world a community of developers support WordPress and provide an amazing collection of clever resources. Jasnel uses these to build solutions for you.

This web site is just one example of what can be achieved. 

See other examples of Jasnel web sites here or here

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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a positive and direct way to send informative image and text messages to others, simply and for surprisingly little cost. I can help you set this up for your business, group or organisation. 

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Explainers - Diagrams and Videos

Quite often a diagram or graphic is the right way to explain something. Give me a challenge and I’ll see if I can come up with a cut through solution. Thinking about it is free.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 

An SEO facility is included in Jasnel web sites. 

Social Media

Social media links and connections can be incorporated.

About this service and costs

It is a little unusual to offer services from a web site that’s actually a hobby but I do. I enjoy being engaged in the technology.

Only one, or possibly two projects are taken on at a time. 

Projects are begun when a complete brief or plan is written and a fixed price is agreed on.

It has to be right for you. Discussing projects and writing a brief is free.

Contact me, there is no obligation. I have over 20 years experience with web sites and provide an honest, practical and creative approach.

Thank you, Nelson Hubber

You can make contact and even hold an online video meeting right here on this page. Choose “Meeting Spot”. 

Jasnel is me.

From an early age I was totally absorbed by things like Mecano, chemistry sets and plastic plane kits. Although I now find that I'm a senior person I'm still fascinated by the same kinds of things. Jasnel enables me to be engaged in creativity and the intriguing ideas and interesting concepts of the internet. Staying involved is important. Thank you for your interest. Nelson Hubber.

Jasnel online services from Nelson Hubber, West Melton, Christchurch, New Zealand. Copyright, Jasnel July 2020

This is a one page web site. More coming soon.